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Affiliate Program

Earn lifetime commissions on referrals 

Make big bucks by joining the free A.House Affiliate Program

When you sign up for the A.House Affiliate Program, we’ll provide you with two special links to A.House that you can share on your website as a navigation button or an ad, or you can share on your social media account like Facebook, Twitter, or your blog - whichever you choose. You can even email or text someone to share your special links. One link is for customers, and the other link is for dropshipping sellers. Our affiliate program allows a linked affiliate to receive a commission on all future purchases by the customer and/or all future sales generated by the drop shipping seller. You’ll earn income for every drop shipping seller or customer that signs up for A.House through your link.

This is how it works.

* When a customer clicks on an affiliate’s referral URL and makes a purchase from A.House website, she is instantly linked to the affiliate. When the customer returns to make another purchase on A.House website, the linked affiliate will receive a commission, even if the customer visits A.House website directly. A customer can only be linked to one affiliate at a time. If the customer makes a guest purchase (without logging in), her email address is used to look up the linked affiliate. If the customer logs in and makes a purchase, her user ID is used. In addition, if the customer ever uses a different email address while logging in or changes their email address in their profile, the new email address is stored with the linked affiliate, thus to ensure that the linked affiliate will still receive commission on the sale even if the customer makes a purchase while logged out.

* It works the same way when a drop shipping seller signs up with A.House as a drop shipping seller through an affiliate’s referral URL. The affiliate will receive commission on all sales generated by the drop shipping seller.

Whether you have a website, a social media account, or just a traditional social circle, you can join this Affiliate Program for free, and start earning commissions!

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Drop Shipping

As a retail fulfillment method, drop-shipping within A.House’s ecosystem can be a great tool for anybody who wants to start a successful online business, or just make some extra money as a sideline activity. It’s also a great solution for architects, indoor designers, independent contractors, marketers and others who work to build, decor, or maintain homes, to save time  and cost by shipping orders directly to clients. Different from other drop-shipping operations, you do not need to worry about investing in building a website or looking for products with a higher margin. A.House handles all the work for you, enabling you to focus on marketing and selling only. 

As a pioneer in redefining custom-making, we solved the problems inherent in the drop-shiping business. With so many great custom-made products, your drop-shipping business with A.House will be fun and successful. 

A.House solved the problems inherent in the drop-shiping business.

* No more low margin headaches;

* No more inventory issues;

* No more shipping complexities;

* No more supplier problems.

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Design & Sell

The future of manufacturing is not only about technologies applied in manufacturing that changes the current manufacturing. It’s also about how customers and third-party designers and engineers interact with manufacturers. They will play a key role in manufacturing in the coming Industry 4.0 age. 

We welcome innovative designers and engineers to shape the future of manufacturing with us. We will sign NDA with you before you submit any design to us, and ensure our partner manufacturers protect your intellectual property too once your design or engineering is approved for manufacturing and marketing. You just need to focus on your design or engineering, and we will do all other work for you to make sure that you can be financially rewarded for your innovation. You design or engineer your product, we make it and sell it for you.

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Product Ideas

You can make money with a product idea

With A.House, it’s easy to turn your idea into a product

Your innovative ideas count. With A.House, you can easily capitalize on your product ideas without setting up a business. We will do the manufacturing, marketing and customer service for you. There are only three simple steps to make money with your product ideas.

1. Submit your product idea;

2. Confirm design with us if your gift idea is endorsed;

3. Confirm product prototype

4. Product is listed and selling starts.

Have any idea about home improvement? Start making money now.