Job Opportunity

Chief Financial Officer

We expect you to wear many hats: financier, technician, deal closer, operator, system administrator, cheapskate, and consigliere. We listen to you about raising money, spending money, getting money without or with giving up equity, measuring business both financially and non-financially, and financial planning.

You know better than us what qualities, skills, experiences and “tricks” you must have to perform the duties of an early-stage startup company. If you love the challenges of a startup, and believe there is still opportunity for another great ecommerce company like Amazon and Alibaba, please do not wait to contact us at
VP of Sales & Marketing

We expect you to know both sales strategy and tactics that are applicable to our business. We expect you to create and sell deals yourself, and create a structure and culture that breeds success and fun for all our sales staff. We expect you to bring customers and revenue, and build repeatability. We expect you to know not only how to sell our strengths, but also how to interact and collaborate with engineers and product managers.

We want great talents, not great resumes. If you are passionate about the problem we are solving and the solution we have, please do not wait to contact us at

Social Media Manager

If you have 3+ years of social media management, know retail, wholesale and ecommerce, love working in a startup environment, and have a dream of building a great company, you should join us. Please contact us at for job description.

Machine Learning Software Engineer

We love geeks. If you have such a profile, we want you to be one of us. Please contact us at and find out why you will love working with us.

  • BS/MS in Computer Science or related technical field with 3+ years of experience
  • Exposure to one of following areas: machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, classifiers, large-scale data mining or artificial intelligence
  • 3+ years experience in Java or other OOP languages like C++ or Scala
  • Experience in online shopper activity analysis
  • RDBMS and no sql databases
  • Experience with production Kafka, Aerospike, and Docker instances
  • Experience with AWS
  • Good communication skills

We want you to make a difference with us!
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