About Us

Gary’s family loves their german shepherd puppy Max so much, but they want to keep him out of the carpeted areas. Gary first tried to set up a hurdle with high stools, which was ineffective. He had to block the passageway with a wooden pellet, which looked weird and ugly inside the house. It’s effective, but it’s so inconvenient. They had to use the door from the kitchen to the dining room to get around the house. Gary started shopping around, online and offline at Home Depot, Lowes, and Rona, etc., trying to get something like a stairway gate to separate the indoor space at the passageway leading to the main entrance, but in vain. So, Gary decided to make his own gate, thinking he cloud do it with a snap. It turned out to be a carpenter’s nightmare. After so many trips to Home Depot, shopping and returning various items, and wrong measurements,  wrong cuttings and wrong chiselings, he finally got the job done, but disappointed and unsatisfied. 

The building of this gate led to the birth of A.House.

As a serial entrepreneur, Gary knew that there should be a much better and easier way to plan and implement a home improvement project. That’s how the idea of A.House was born.

A.House focuses on mass customization for homes. Whether it’s a large project like building a new home or a small project like home improvement, A.House offers products that are assembled, built, configured, engineered, made, and serviced to order. With A.House, you no longer have to spend so many hours figuring out where to cut or chisel, or waste any materials because of a wrong cut or chiseling. Buying from A.House is just like buying furniture from Ikea. In addition to offering ready-to-assemble materials, A.House can also help you design and plan with its cutting-edge technologies, enabling you to build or improve a home in a snap, and at lower costs.